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Here is a link to a spreadsheet with the grades for those of you who have given me a four-digit number of your choosing. I will update the link when there are new grades to report.


Class – I have finished grading your exams and have submitted your grades for the course to Gibson online. They should be available for you to view there by the end of the day on Monday (if not before). I have posted your scores on the final exam, your grades for the course, and the Stock Trak grades (which include the points for your place in the class competition) on the link above next to the four-digit number you gave me at the start of the semester. If you want to see your final exam, please feel free to stop by my office when you return from the break or contact me to schedule a time. 

This was not an easy final exam, yet many of you did extremely well. It was not an easy course, yet most of you rose to the occasion and did an excellent job with it. I hope you feel that you have learned some valuable information about Portfolio Theory and Fixed Income Analysis – our two primary topics. I can assure you that you have not learned anything less about these topics than is learned at the top-ranked MBA programs in the country. 

I hope you enjoy some well-earned time off and I wish you continued success with your studies.

Bill Reese