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Here are the comments I received on the evaluations for this course at the end of the Fall 2021 Semester:

  • .Professor Reese is one of those professors that you can tell is a real teacher. Although his exams are very difficult, he has a very well thought-out lesson plan that makes doing well in his class achievable if you pay attention and put the work in.
  • Thank you Professor Reese for pushing the students to learn as much as they can, but also being empathetic and understanding. I wish I had more time to study for your class and would have performed better, but everything was great from your end and I am grateful for the learning 🙂
  • It will be perfect if principles are associated more with reality, and not just stay in theory.
  • Professor Reese is always a go-to strong recommend for professors. He thoroughly explains the content and always makes himself available for further instruction. This course is TOUGH, but important and worthwhile to anyone looking for a finance career. Enjoyed the mix of test, simulation, and paper.
  • Challenging course, very informative, Professor Reese is a great teacher, content is difficult.
  • Exams are extremely difficult but you know exactly what to expect. The definition of tough but fair. The class website is a great resource and is better than most professor’s Canvas page.
  • Professor Reese could teach a dog how to fly a plane if he wanted to
  • Enjoyable course. I would have preferred to build my own spreadsheets than use previously created spreadsheets for the homework. I believe it is hard to use other’s spreadsheets and you learn more when you create the spreadsheet yourself.
  • This was a challenging semester to be learning anything with Hurricane Ida, especially higher-level portfolio theory and fixed income analysis. But Professor Reese did his best to be as flexible as possible and responded thoroughly and thoughtfully to questions and concerns. The tests were still killer, but I think we’ve come to expect that from Prof. Reese.