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Here are the comments I received on the evaluations when I taught this course last year:

  • .This was a very difficult course, probably the most difficult of all my MBA classes. I appreciated that in the first finance class taught by Professor Reese, the expectations were more straight forward for the exam and we were provided with more problems to prep for the exam in the first finance course. Professor Reese is a great instructor, but he moves very quickly (sometimes too quickly). This is an advanced course, however, and I understand why that occurred. It is very clear that Professor Reese cares about our understanding of the material and our ability to use the knowledge of his classes to progress in our careers.
  • I like Bill Reese’s teaching style.
  • Can be nicer.
  • Teaching style and approach are fine. Sometimes it was a bit slow when he went step-by-step over the material and then fast when he got into some other areas that may have needed more time and attention. He obviously knows his stuff and presents in a manner that is clear enough to follow along. He is NOT one for any form of criticism. If the excel doesn’t work, it is the student’s fault. If there is anything to add that deviates from what he’s saying, it’s just not true. Because in all the years he’s done things, nothing can change or be outdated. I do not understand a professor who asks if there are any questions and is rude answering them in person or email.
  • I really liked Bill’s inspiring teaching style.
  • He is the best teacher I’ve had this semester!!! He was engaging, cared for students to understand, and was open for questions whenever they were needed. It was not an easy course, but I was not expecting it to be! The simulator was an incredible exercise because it uses real data!!
  • Professor Reese is one of the best teachers in my student life. He uses simple and easy to understand examples to explain some complicated topics, making me feel comfortable when listening to his speech. Also, he is willing to answer my questions when raised. You won’t regret attending his class.
  • I’d say to slow down for those who have trouble keeping up, but the fact is that Prof. Reese doesn’t make any secrets about his class being hard. If you have a real interest in finance and enjoy a challenge, he is an educator par excellence. If you wanna fulfill a requirement and slack off, stay away. There are other ways to get a finance concentration. 
  • The excel spreadsheets that you and Russ have put together were very instructive, interesting, and informative. 
  • I was disappointed with the excel homework assignments that did not have us apply anything. There was no real feedback on problems or process until the midterm.
  • The notes that the professor prepared are very useful. They include those inscrutable contents in the textbook which are difficult to read by myself. 
  • I got more out of this class than I thought I would. At the recommendation of Dean Kahn at the medical school, I am somewhat glad I had this experience of learning, but it was definitely a lot more work than I expected. 
  • I was really let down with the course as a whole. He may be able to teach the material, because he is clear with his words, but the course was below average. The notes were a great help, but I thought I would get a lot more out of this class than I did. As long as I don’t fail the final, I expect to get a good grade in this class at least.
  • Very strong subject material that will be helpful in my career and in the control of my personal finances. 
  • Very interesting material. 
  • The course constantly used real-life examples and it was very up-to-date. We could bring questions about current issues and the teacher was always willing to give feedback or to explain. The teacher really knows what he is talking about and is not only talking about what there is in the book. 
  • The textbook contains comprehensive knowledge that you need to know about for this class, although it is sometimes hard to read.