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Here are the comments I received on the evaluations for this course at the end of the fall 2020 semester:

  • .Professor Reese is one of those professors that you can tell is a real teacher. Although his exams are very difficult, he has a very well thought-out lesson plan that makes doing well in his class achievable if you pay attention and put the work in.
  • The course content presentation is a little dated. A lot of the work we were doing should have been presented in Excel or Python based on books like Simon Beninga’s Financial Modeling book. The fixed income part of the class was very in-depth and I don’t think it will be severely applicable to my future career. I think the fixed income side should be more portfolio manager based than bond trader based. The Zoom presentation, while helpful, missed the mark. Y can’t read what the teachers write on the board and if they are sharing or using their screen then it becomes very difficult to follow along.
  • This is more of an investment professional course rather than learning about investment strategies for the everyday investor. Which is understandable as it is and MBA course. Because of the shortened semester, it seemed like there could have been more topics and concepts to be covered. Bootstrapping wasn’t as exciting as the other student thought. Personally, I thought the way the indexes were structured was interesting. 
  • Watching the recorded lectures was very beneficial because it was sometimes difficult to follow class notes and the lecture the first time around. Hearing it twice made me understand the concepts discussed much better.
  • Please consider exploring alternative platforms to Stock-Trak. Most importantly, other teams should not be able to look at our trades or the size of our positions. The 15-minute delay for trades is strange and the platform would typically display two different results for overall return depending on whether you looked at the dashboard or the rankings page. The customer service was only moderately helpful when there were issues that could have been solved or prevented with a more robustly designed system. Stock-Trak is permanently vulnerable to falsely inflating gains via stock splits and customer service did not care when we brought the issue to them. Overall, it left much to be desired as a paper trading platform, especially one that is NOT free. Please consider using an alternative in the future. 
  • Professor Reese is highly knowledgeable in the technicals and theory. The course is challenging but not unmanageable. In person has much higher engagement than Zoom sessions.
  • Thanks for making the course challenging.
  • Reese is excellent! Always on top of the material and on schedule.